Thursday, April 9, 2009

What a ride!

This is my last PNW photo, sunset off the back of the Chelan as we left the San Juan islands.
We're home! Man, that's grueling enough! I can't imagine the ride those folks go through who're headed to places like Australia. I feel for ya Keith! I traveled once to Egypt and that's a haul!
We got home from the Raleigh airport after 2 last night and our poor kitty howled ALLLLLL night. She finally laid down sometime this morning. Everytime she howled I would say her name and she'd reply this sad little meow, "where are you?"
It is bitter sweet leaving Washington. I love it so. It is thankfully not hot here, a cold front moved in just so I wouldn't get off the plane scowling. More pics as I slide back into the routine.

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