Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Doin's

I've been back from Bead & Button, recovering for the last week and working at the Golden Gallery. I worked in the yard yesterday, reconnecting with my kitty and my plants and yard, as they've been sorely neglected for the last month. Bead & Button eclipses everything from early May until mid June. I'm slightly relieved I won't be able to attend next year as my daughter's graduation will be the same week though I will miss the lusciousness that is the bead show! The above pics are from one of my favorite booths. It'll be a nice break for me but never fear! I have lots of new ideas for future classes at Bead & Button, so stay tuned!

I have a book signing here in Wilmington June 30th from 12-3pm at Tickled Pink near Wrightsville Beach in Lumina Station. I will have some jewelry for sale as well.

And I will be teaching at Art Unraveled in Phoenix, AZ next month. So if you're even thinking of attending, don't hesitate! It's a blast! I always enjoy this event. The hotel is wonderfully accommodating as comfortable. And though mega hot, the hotel pool is delish! Phoenix is gorgeous and anyway you're inside makin' stuff all day. Great sunsets! Be sure to check out close by Scottsdale. Last year a friend took me to the Mission Restaurant there in old Scottsdale. FABULOUS!

And we enjoyed nearby Consanti immensely! Consanti is in Paradise Valley (near Art Unraveled) and is the home and sculpture studio of Italian designer of Paolo Soleri and his staff. In the mid 1950's Soleri began work on the experimental buildings that would be ecological human habitats. He dubbed his theory "Arcology".  Now designated as an Arizona Historic Site, Cosanti presents a unique bio-climatic architectural environment. There is a gift shop there where you can purchase Soleri's books, DVD's, as well as gorgeous ceramic and bronze bells created onsite. I hope to go back this year. Believe me, it is a rare treat!!!!