Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pretty in Pink

You know for me its good to have a lunatic in my life.
Robert found this little girl's Roxy rash gaurd at the dock at work. Being the silly man he is, he squeezed into in and drove home to show us!!! He could barely breathe and was turning purple when I arrived! Of course he required help getting out of it. Silly silly....

Thursday, August 28, 2008


If you live in southeastern NC I hope you are aware (you may have been in a cave I don't know, I spend alot of time in one) that negotiations have been made behind closed doors with county government officials to entice Titan Cement company to build a factory to make cement right in my back yard. I am pissed. I really don't want to breathe arsenic and lord knows what else. I really don't want mercury leaching into our waters and fish. the bad thing I use portland cement. I use it quite a bit right now. So here I sit in a hypocritical position. It is hard to not take a "not in my back yard" stance. I guess I just wish industry could conduct its business in an honest, open and caring way. But the truth is they will hide, lie and pollute just as much as they can get away with. And if wishes were horses beggars would ride. Still until there are better ways to police industries like Titan, I will be sporting my very stylish Stoptitan tote bag...or maybe I shall get the T-shirt.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's rollin'! new etsy shop!

Mariko Kusumoto

I may have mentioned before my love of the work of Mariko Kusumoto? I thought I'd share again.
She says this in Metalsmith's Exhibition in Print 2004:
"Growing up in a 4OO year old temple, I was always surrounded by ancient things like tansu (Japanese chests of drawers), faded paint on wood, Buddhas and their ornaments, etc.

I was especially fascinated by the tansu. When I opened the drawers, I could never anticipate what would appear from the darkness. I had mixed feelings of excitement and fear whenever I opened it. It was a great wonder box to me. The darkness inside the tansu stirred up my imagination.

Inside the darkness of the temple, the gleam of the Buddhas and the golden ornaments would emerge. I could sense the spiritual world and its eternal silence. In my work, I am striving to create a world of Shadows, light, silence, spirituality, and my personal memories."
I just can't get enough and now you can view works of hers at Mobilia Gallery.
I highly recommend checking this link. Her works are sumptuous!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oktapodi -- Funny Animation

I 'm soooo all about sea creatures these days...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

AOT Artisans on Taylor

In Port Townsend, WA (one of my favorite places) is one of my favorite galleries, Artisans on Taylor
They will be carrying some of my work! Check them out!
Teresa is fantastic, has an amazing eye and fabulous style. LOVE IT!

The Dunes Offerings

At the north end of our beach there are steps that drifted up after a hurricane. Years ago. Someone decided to rebuild them where they stood as a resting place to reflect. They added this little copper mailbox and residents keep it stocked with pencils, pens and a small notebook. This year people started leaving these bundled offerings. I adore them! They are like ocean talismans little energy filled trinkets. Like the shorelines jewelry. I am so inspired by them and have visited them numerous times. I have yet to add my own to the mix. They seem so precious as they are.

Lovely Days on the Channel

Whenever we can, we've been spending stolen hours at the north end of Wrightsville Bch.
When I was in high school it was where we trudged to build bonfires as there were no structures there. The huge dunes hid our teenage gatherings. I have watched storms in the distance off the coast there, huge lightshows that I later painted on large canvases. But that was years ago. Now there are people and the Shell Island resort complex. Still, it remains relatively sparsely populated with tourists so we love the bird sanctuary and quietly loll about in the water watching the black skimmers, oyster catchers, terns, plovers, osprey and gulls. I love this wee water nymph bubble bath and the little geysers created by the incoming tide. And I had to snap this shot of the writing the wind makes with the sea oats.