Saturday, April 21, 2007


Two driftwood hearts, need I say more?

Robert and I at Rialto Bch.

The sunset was breathtaking.

I carried this bouquet of driftwood all the way back to NC.

Looking Back to La Push

I called them the two maidens.

Keyhole at Rialto Beach

Loved this tree clinging tenaciously to the cliff... don't we all?


One of my most memorable early moments was during kindergarten in Chula Vista CA. We rode the train up to Del Mar and spent the afternoon amongst the tidepools. This glorious beach brought those images flooding back. The feeling of childhood discovery flooded over us as we found starfish and anemone.

Sea skin

Visual Feast

For an artist, this beach was a visual feast. We have no rocks where I come from. And while there is driftwood in some parts of our state's coastline, there is not alot where I live. I couldn't stop snapping pictures.

View Northward

A view north up the beach at Rialto. And Robert clowning with bull kelp.

View Toward La Push

Misty view toward La Push of the seastacks.

Tree Bones

The driftwood piles at Railto Beach Washington State.


The path to the falls near Storm King Ranger station in Olympic National Park.

Robert on a walk trough the rainforest near Crescent Lake.


Me...bonding with a moss encrusted tree at the Storm King Ranger station in the Olympic National Park.

More From Washington State

I just wanted to load up some more photos from our trip. I am in love with the Olympic pennisula! These are photos of Crescent Lake in the National Park. The water was so turquoise it looked like someone made a lake of curacao.

Friday, April 20, 2007


I am up and running on Etsy! woo hoo!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Artfest Show and Tell

I wanted to drop in some more photos of Fort Warden and Artfest. I just love this place, the old buildings, the trees.... the little daisies that grow in the grass and clover on the green.....

Forest Hike

A morning hike at Fort Ebey through the ferns and towering trees.... And then waiting for the ferry to head back to Port Townsend.

Fort Ebey

After Artfest, Robert and I made a trip on the Klickitat ferry over to Whidbey island. We camped at Fort Ebey State Park. How gorgeous the view was from the bluff opposite where we had been.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

more photos from Artfest 2007

Here's a few more photos from my class at Artfest.

more more more

The light filtering through these objects was so gorgeous! The basket was another Terese Wix piece.

More Membranes

Here's Ty Schultz working on the gargoyle that he and Marcia collaborated on.
Did he ever find a name?

Gut Level!

I taught a class this year at Artfest called Marvelous Membranes. We focused on using hog gut, or sausage casings, as a covering for steel (iron) wire structures. Everyone had a unique experience and most loved working with it. We had a wonderful group of people who were definately troupers to try such a weird medium. These were objects laid out to dry. I was snapping photos so fast I lost track of who made what in some cases! I think these were some jewelry pieces Terese Wix was working on. And some delicate earrings with beads inside by Tonia Davenport.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Fort Worden Beach

I just loved the beach there at Fort Worden.. really all the Pacific coast area beaches we went to because they are so different from my area beaches. We have white sand and shells, no pebbles to speak of. Really, rocks here are rare! the piles of driftwood were nearly intoxicating for me. This worn tree stump was massive and old enough to gather moss.