Saturday, July 24, 2010

Marcia MacDonald

Kindness goes a long, long way.

Many years ago when I was a budding jewelry artist I did craft shows. The other jewelry people I met were often, not always, but often antisocial and unfriendly. They frequently exhibited paranoid behavior and would clam up if they knew I made jewelry, afraid that I was stealing their designs. The craft shows could be grueling, hot, dusty, tiring... I think my back is ruined from my craft show days. A little community feeling was nice, rare but lovely when it occurred. One night at an indoor local show a women walked into my booth. She commended me on my work. She was kind and open and sweet. She told me she was a metalsmith and had a local studio and invited me to come by. I was shocked and amazed. I thought I knew all the local metals people. She was the friendliest metalsmith I'd met to up to then! I went to her studio. I was bowled over. On the wall was a huge poster of a work I had flagged in a Tim McCreight book. I pointed and said "That's... that's.." and we both simultaneously said "Shaken Not Stirred". "Yeah that's mine" she replied. I felt like I was dreaming. Here was someone I'd never met but I'd admired their work in books, who was right here in my little two bit town, AND she was hospitable, generous, with skills FAR superior to mine and reaching out the hand of friendship to ME?!
Her name was Marcia MacDonald. She spent that afternoon showing me things encouraging me offering advice. She went on to do the same on a number of occasions.
She lived here briefly and then went on to bigger and better things on the West Coast. Today I find that Marcia has passed away. She succumbed to a long battle with cancer. I must chime in with the hundreds of voices this week lauding Marcia as a wonderful person and accomplished metalsmith. Though we were never close, she was always kind and I am better for having known her. She showed me what being a woman contemporary metalsmith could be like. That a craftswoman one could glow with confidence, and generosity and not give into pettiness and fear. She and I talked at length about starting a metals club here because I was starved for other folks who had my same passion for metalworking and art jewelry. She felt that we should be a giving, sharing community of craftspeople, that is was healthy to prosper together. Those of us who knew her will miss her bright light. The metalsmithing community will miss her wonderful work. I feel blessed that her path crossed mine.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

John's Flock!

My buddy John W. Golden's artwork is in Garnet Hill catalog!
check out his blog here.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Hi folks! sorry I'm scarce these days...busy, friends in town, trunk show, book negotiations.... exciting times! But I was browsing Klimt02 go check it out if you haven't. Its an amazing international resource for art jewelers.
Absolutely mind blowing!
Check this out! I am in love with this work:

Hanna Hedman
Stockholm, Sweden

Necklace: Enough tears to cry for two series 2008

Silver, oxidized silver, copper, synthetic fibers and paint
5 x 18 x 63 cm
Photograph by Sanna Lindberg

Monday, July 12, 2010


I drive my route and contemplate... why is it that I spend my summers engrossed in tropical dreamland and my winters in found-object/steampunkland? Well, I figure it's partly because of those dang Gemini twins I was born under! I also live in this semi tropical environment, so I'm surrounded by spanish moss, palmettos, live oaks.... I was so excited when my plumeria recently bloomed!

Last night one of my best friends/grad school roomie and fellow metalsmith, Adrienne Grafton came to visit. She's on a break from her teaching circuit and is languishing with her husband as I write, on Wrightsville Beach, soaking up the sun. She and I, and fellow alumni Nick Mowers have a trunk show this weekend, Saturday 4-6pm at Woods Gallery on Bald Head Island. I will bring my letter stamps some copper and will let people make their own little charms for $5. Fun!

So in playing tour guide I begin to see my environment from different eyes. Adrienne is a beach person at heart, currently living in Pennsylvania, so right now she's in hog heaven! I on the other hand get bogged down here with my daily grind. Wilmington's home, so its not always amazing to me. Adrienne has been a new lens. I am thankful. She's a Gemini too, BTW....

Check out her blog! gorgeous jewelry!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Go West!

Robert and I want to head into the sunset in one of these!!!
They're designed and made by artist Lynn Sedar of Ranch Willow Wagon Co. in Wyoming.

New Whimsies!

After two grueling days trying to come up with proposals for retreats (and work my regular jobs) I made these!
House of Mojo! and Tiny Garden of Glass.

I hope they're chosen!