Sunday, July 29, 2007

100 hearters on Etsy!

I just hit 100 hearters on Etsy! Yay!
Etsy for those who don't know is a website for artists and crafts people to sell their work. My daughter says its myspace for artists. It a community of like minded folk who sell what they make- everything from t shirts, magnets, pottery, jewelry to puppets and hand cobbled shoes!
So now 100 other etsians "heart me"!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

New Etsy item

Here's a new bracelet I just loaded up onto Etsy. check it out....
There's a delicious rainstorm raging right now. We've had such a dry summer... the yard is loving it I know. Everything looks so lovely out the door in the rain.

Big Beetle Bob

So we were watching the Last Mimzy last night. My daughter had a friend over and we were having a great time. Just as the boy in the film starts speaking to spiders this HUGE bug goes crazy in our dining room, flying around banging into things. The girls are squeeling and Robert goes to catch it. It is a really cool huge beetle...
we looked it up online and there was no difinitve picture.. I guess some sort of stag beetle? Robert found scarabs that look like him. Anyway, he was cool and lived in a garlic jar for a hour or so while we looked at him... or her. The girls named him Sparky...or Sparketta...or Sparkeesha...Sparkella?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blog Catalog

Just submitted to blogcatalog

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Some Days are Just Better

Beautiful day in the studio yesterday.... Kate was there... which is always good. Met a wonderful couple from Holden beach who have a home in Switzerland....three great sessions with students. My newest private student is a fabulous photographer. Check out his work:

Friday, July 13, 2007

Beyond the Call

I just saw the most powerful documentary! I am so stoked. It was about the founders of Knightsbridge International a humanitarian organization. Months ago, I stumbled on these guys on some morning show while on the eliptical machine at the gym. I became riveted by their story. I haven't forgotten it since. Then, today, while going into my favorite coffee shop here in Wilmington...(Folks on market street) I see this poster... and there they were! I recognized them instantly. These guys go all around the world helping those in need. They literally buy the food or other necessities and hand deliver them, no bureaucrats, no office, no paper pushing....just results. They do whatever it takes. Go see this film!!!!!
Go to their site

Hot Hot Summer!

Well, it's roasting in my studio.... I can't enamel... its too dang hot! I did however start some brooches for an upcoming show of Badges. There will be three and these two are already enameled. The images show me working them in pitch, burning off the pitch and then the raw copper pieces prior to enamel.