Sunday, July 29, 2007

100 hearters on Etsy!

I just hit 100 hearters on Etsy! Yay!
Etsy for those who don't know is a website for artists and crafts people to sell their work. My daughter says its myspace for artists. It a community of like minded folk who sell what they make- everything from t shirts, magnets, pottery, jewelry to puppets and hand cobbled shoes!
So now 100 other etsians "heart me"!


idolatrieartist said...

I am still in need of heats myself...

I will make sure I go heart you now!

J a n e

idolatrieartist said...

I had NO IDEA that I HAD HEARTS!!!
I had not checked in Months!!!

Well... who knew!
(I made sure I had you hearted! If I could give TWO or MORE I would!)

I LOVE you creations!!!