Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Tribal Lovelies

Lots of new goodies in my Etsy shop. It's summer, so I have the island on the brain.

Monday, May 5, 2014

PLASTER books!

This weekend I taught a workshop at the Cameron Museum of Art Museum School here in Wilmington with my pal Kim Beller. She's been playing with plaster and I've been playing with books so we teamed up! Heirloom Plaster Covered Journal Making was SUCH a blast. So many great books were made by students. I'd have been proud to make any of them. Below is Carolyn's beautiful book. She was apprehensive about bookbinding stitching saying,"I don't sew." But she did WONDERFULLY and ended up making two! The first picture is her book before she painted the cover very much, the next one is she and her book after embellishing the cover.


 The next two images are of Kim Kirk's gorgeous plaster cover. She embossed it with wallpaper that another student brought. It began to almost look like gilded leather!

 This is Melanie's luscious cover. It looked a bit like and old leather book too!

This is my book not yet finished. I've even painted more on the cover since this photo.

Busily plastering covers.

Stay tuned as invincible Kim Beller and I may offer some online versions of this class.
AND we'll be offering it again through the Museum School.