Thursday, January 18, 2007

Muse where are you?

Yikes! Trying to get ready for Artfest 2007! Getting inspired, revved, juiced and then making use of that energy becomes a challenge for me. I see the Artfest posts on the Egroup where people are making 100's of trades and such.... I am envious. How do they do this? When do they have time??? As I post this I am actually multi tasking...quiet day at work..... and we are out of matcutter blades, so... I type. My days are so packed that now I am lucky to get 4 days a month to myself in my studio for more than one hour. 4 days....a MONTH! How can I get the flow going to create: work to sell at Artfest, work to trade at Artfest, work to photograph for example for the upcoming shrine workshop, work that I just want to make, work to sell at Seaside Yoga.....when I only have four days a month? Don't get me wrong I am in my studio three days a week, but I am teaching private lessons which is intense for me. Three 2 hour sessions a day with short breaks in between is all I can physically do. Ah, the challenge of making a living from your art. It is a beautiful painful thing sometimes.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Upcoming Workshop

January 20th I have a workshop scheduled with yoga therapist Heather Till at Seaside Yoga. Heather and I worked together over the summer and we daydreamed about doing integrated workshops and retreats where yoga therapy, meditation, and creative movement are merged with painting collage and art journalling. Out of this came the slated workshop "Sacred Inner Spaces-yoga and shrine making workshop". It will be short, only three hours this time, but as our maiden voyage into this project it should be an exhilirating experiment. We will split the time between some movement leading into a guided meditation courtesy of Heather, and mini shrine collaging facilitated by myself. Our intent is for the meditation to trigger images that can then be used to inspire the creation of the little "shrine". It is an ornament of sorts and hangs on the wall. I have created kits of background boards and the little drawers out of matchboxes. Participants will have boxes of magazine images and decorative papers to select from, as well as an array of glue, paints and fibers. Hopefully all will have an enjoyable experience.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

up and open field running

Hellooooo! and welcome to my little blog. My studio is about to expand in the new year and my new shiney mushroom stakes have arrived! Mushroom stakes you ask? No they are not slabs of meat smothered in fungi, but rather steel forming tools for shaping metal that resemble their namesake.