Thursday, January 18, 2007

Muse where are you?

Yikes! Trying to get ready for Artfest 2007! Getting inspired, revved, juiced and then making use of that energy becomes a challenge for me. I see the Artfest posts on the Egroup where people are making 100's of trades and such.... I am envious. How do they do this? When do they have time??? As I post this I am actually multi tasking...quiet day at work..... and we are out of matcutter blades, so... I type. My days are so packed that now I am lucky to get 4 days a month to myself in my studio for more than one hour. 4 days....a MONTH! How can I get the flow going to create: work to sell at Artfest, work to trade at Artfest, work to photograph for example for the upcoming shrine workshop, work that I just want to make, work to sell at Seaside Yoga.....when I only have four days a month? Don't get me wrong I am in my studio three days a week, but I am teaching private lessons which is intense for me. Three 2 hour sessions a day with short breaks in between is all I can physically do. Ah, the challenge of making a living from your art. It is a beautiful painful thing sometimes.

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