Saturday, October 18, 2008

Opinions of Others

Okay, so normally I avoid political conversation. I am terrible at remembering important political information to buttress my views. But I every now and then develop an opinion and get riled up. And I spend my life now with a vocal man with a poli/sci degree. Robert, the poli/sci dude, says its because I am actually from "Faeire" and they don't have a need for politics there, they have wands. And well... I am Queen there so....
However, here in the real world, it appears that alot of others have become more vocal this election as well, people who possibly are as non-confrontational as I!
Here's a blog I visit often and really enjoy. I thought I would share:

Cabinet of Wonders
The name alone is fab... and you may enjoy plundering the treasures of other posts there, but the Oct 16th post is of interest. Go check it out!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Wow, do I ever want one of these?!! This company is amazing!
Fletcher and Myburgh
My absolute favorite is this one, the Lily. Perfect for a faerie....
I had better get started then....

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Obsession

I helped a student make and anticlastic bracelet and it was so much fun I can't stop!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We BAILED these guys out???

Check out MSN's Money report on the CEO's who cashed in
yeah, somebody needs to go to jail.....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So here's a quote for today

"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." -Joseph Campbell

And I would like to introduce you to a mysterious and amazing young woman that I have had the privilege of sharing many a hour with. Mysterious because she's one of those people that doesn't need to talk. Exactly what's going on in her head is sometimes up to speculation. Which intrigues me as I am an open book, and leave nothing to chance. Which isn't always a good thing....
There is beauty in an unopened book, possibility.... and amazing because well, she is! I have never seen anyone hammer metal like she does. She is a marvel. Check out her website.
Marion Sak

Sunday, October 5, 2008


So the weather here is finally bearable. I have grown to hate the heat. If you are at the beach no problem, but if you are sitting in your non airconditioned, sweltering 90 degree metal box of a studio is SUCKS! I lose all inspiration. I end up staring at my bench, melting...dripping.
Staying inspired and productive is hard enough without just dissolving into the chair.... in October no less!

I envy those in the mountains or in cooler climes.
Even today I had to turn on the fan to work after 2pm, then at 4 I just plain left. Screw it, I'll find something to do at home.

On a side note Robert and I went to Masonoboro island a couple of weeks ago and there were SCADS of large scallop shells. I went mad trying to carry them back to the kayaks.
Also a bracelet I made from a spoon.

I have worked with tableware for years, but got inspired by Stephanie Lee's new book. Luscious book BTW!

The bracelet is now at the Woods Gallery on Bald Head Island.
It seemed too perfect with the image of Bald Head at the mouth of the Cape Fear.
I was in a pirate mood earlier this summer.....

Little Reminders

Sometimes your gut instincts are off.
Take Wolfgang for instance.

When his mother called me to ask if I’d give her 10 yr old son private lessons, I could feel the cringe in my gut. I heard “10 yr old” and thought of past, less than desirable situations. Kids- they get bored, I get irritated….
I was going to have to disappoint this mother and say no. Somehow I didn’t. I said sure. I’d give it a try, one hour with Wolfgang. “But,” I said, “Remember, very few kids that age have the patience to really make any jewelry.”
She said, much to my relief, “OH! I don’t care if he makes anything! Just show him your studio, your tools. Talk to him about what you do. That’d be great! He just loves working with wire and little things he finds.” Sounded like me at a young age.

So in walked Wolfgang.
It has been a revelation.
Because of him, I now have permission for an hour every other week, to melt stuff, squish stuff, hammer it back out, melt it again, pour it into water, and discover all over again the magic of the words “what if”.

Wolfgang each time says, “I don’t want to leave.”
He makes me laugh and knows so much geeky cool stuff. He tells me about TV shows I have never seen like Myth Busters and how to make a “Bagdad Battery” out of an oil jar, lemon juice, metal and such. One day he was sifting through my box of old coins. He suddenly exclaimed, “This is a guinea!” I thought, it is?! What’s a guinea look like and what’s it doing in there? As I was coming over to see he said, “Oh its just a copy.” I thought how’d he know that?! I picked it up. It was stamped COPY… duh!

The other day Wolfgang told me with complete sincerity, “You have the greatest job, ever!”
You know that is a very good thing to hear. In this time when money is so tight, the gas pump is painful, galleries aren't selling anything, I may have to give up my studio and downsize…
I spend too many precious moments in a day just trying to hang on to hope and not fear the future.
I almost got tears in my eyes.
I do Wolfgang. I have the coolest job ever. And I forget it way too much.
I get to melt stuff and squish stuff and hammer stuff and melt it again…
I just gotta remember that. Wolfgang came just in the nick of time to remind me.