Saturday, October 18, 2008

Opinions of Others

Okay, so normally I avoid political conversation. I am terrible at remembering important political information to buttress my views. But I every now and then develop an opinion and get riled up. And I spend my life now with a vocal man with a poli/sci degree. Robert, the poli/sci dude, says its because I am actually from "Faeire" and they don't have a need for politics there, they have wands. And well... I am Queen there so....
However, here in the real world, it appears that alot of others have become more vocal this election as well, people who possibly are as non-confrontational as I!
Here's a blog I visit often and really enjoy. I thought I would share:

Cabinet of Wonders
The name alone is fab... and you may enjoy plundering the treasures of other posts there, but the Oct 16th post is of interest. Go check it out!

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