Sunday, October 5, 2008


So the weather here is finally bearable. I have grown to hate the heat. If you are at the beach no problem, but if you are sitting in your non airconditioned, sweltering 90 degree metal box of a studio is SUCKS! I lose all inspiration. I end up staring at my bench, melting...dripping.
Staying inspired and productive is hard enough without just dissolving into the chair.... in October no less!

I envy those in the mountains or in cooler climes.
Even today I had to turn on the fan to work after 2pm, then at 4 I just plain left. Screw it, I'll find something to do at home.

On a side note Robert and I went to Masonoboro island a couple of weeks ago and there were SCADS of large scallop shells. I went mad trying to carry them back to the kayaks.
Also a bracelet I made from a spoon.

I have worked with tableware for years, but got inspired by Stephanie Lee's new book. Luscious book BTW!

The bracelet is now at the Woods Gallery on Bald Head Island.
It seemed too perfect with the image of Bald Head at the mouth of the Cape Fear.
I was in a pirate mood earlier this summer.....

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