Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Year Challenge

Two of my favorite people have a challenge in the works! Check out Coast 2 Coast Creative
Artists and friends Jenny Davies-Reazor and Cooky Schock plan to follow along and do each lab in my book Jewelry Lab in the coming year. What FUN! Wanna come along for the journey????
I can't guarantee your safety... but I can guarantee you won't be the same! ;-)
(In fact, I believe it takes Bilbo almost 52 weeks to get to the Lonely Mountain and deal with Smaug!)

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Hobbit!

My family and I have been preparing for the local premiere of The Hobbit for the last month. We both made and purchased costumes. I admit I was slightly worried about being the only nerds dressed up, but that was not the case! Here's some pictures from the premiere last night. I made the crown for my daughter out of Nugold a type of jeweler's bronze.  It was pierced with a jeweler's saw, chased and cold connected. And I studded my belt with etched cinquefoils (I'm the gray old lady on the end in navy), and I repousse'd (is that a word?) and enameled the leaf pin that my daughter's boyfriend, 'xcuse me that Frodo, is wearing. Gee whiz, it was fun!