Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Year Challenge

Two of my favorite people have a challenge in the works! Check out Coast 2 Coast Creative
Artists and friends Jenny Davies-Reazor and Cooky Schock plan to follow along and do each lab in my book Jewelry Lab in the coming year. What FUN! Wanna come along for the journey????
I can't guarantee your safety... but I can guarantee you won't be the same! ;-)
(In fact, I believe it takes Bilbo almost 52 weeks to get to the Lonely Mountain and deal with Smaug!)

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Jennifer said...

How did I miss this! Hello friend! Happy New Year. In myth the transformative things often take a year and a day... I just posted out amended schedule on the blog. I think you will approve. And I know you are a busy woman - but we would love to have you join us too from time to time!