Monday, July 12, 2010


I drive my route and contemplate... why is it that I spend my summers engrossed in tropical dreamland and my winters in found-object/steampunkland? Well, I figure it's partly because of those dang Gemini twins I was born under! I also live in this semi tropical environment, so I'm surrounded by spanish moss, palmettos, live oaks.... I was so excited when my plumeria recently bloomed!

Last night one of my best friends/grad school roomie and fellow metalsmith, Adrienne Grafton came to visit. She's on a break from her teaching circuit and is languishing with her husband as I write, on Wrightsville Beach, soaking up the sun. She and I, and fellow alumni Nick Mowers have a trunk show this weekend, Saturday 4-6pm at Woods Gallery on Bald Head Island. I will bring my letter stamps some copper and will let people make their own little charms for $5. Fun!

So in playing tour guide I begin to see my environment from different eyes. Adrienne is a beach person at heart, currently living in Pennsylvania, so right now she's in hog heaven! I on the other hand get bogged down here with my daily grind. Wilmington's home, so its not always amazing to me. Adrienne has been a new lens. I am thankful. She's a Gemini too, BTW....

Check out her blog! gorgeous jewelry!

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