Sunday, April 26, 2009

Attitude Adjustments

Just when you need them the Universe sends them... if you ask.
First of all I find lovely new music on Friday, I discover As Tall As Lions!!! One of the CFCC students turns me on to them. Then I take my daughter to the beach with her friend. Her friend's brother and mom, my galpal Donna, meet us there and we descend on the Ocean Grill and Tiki Bar. One of my favorite spots. Low and behold who's already there but my brother Joe and some of his pals!!! What a gorgeous evening. The Golden hour softens the heat of the day. The kids eat calimari, I eat oysters and drink a tropical beverage complete with pineapple and orange slices. Children run around below the pier in the yellow fading light, digging holes in the sand. Seagulls do acrobatics and we listen to this great band...well an abbreviated version. Donna bought me one of their cds, Gabriel Kelley! Maybe being stuck here in NC ain't so bad after all.

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