Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ode to Juniper Lane

This may be overkill, but I am compelled to rave about Juniper Lane Guest House. Robert found this fantastic place online and then Discovery Sea Kayaks recommended Juniper so that is where we stayed on San Juan. this is a magical little haven of a guest house. With our very small budget we'd joked about sleeping in the car! That didn't have to happen because Juniper's rates are so amazingly reasonable. It was the least I've paid for lodging in years, much less such COOL lodging! And Juniper herself is so wonderful. I felt so blessed! I honestly did not want to leave.

2 comments: said...

OmG you stayed at Junipers! I was at artfest and live on San Juan Island. I read your blog every once in a while. Juniper was a customer at my shop in Friday Harbor. She used to play with my little boy all the time... he is graduating this year! I am so glad you visited this island. Hope you had a wonderful time. I am sune Juniper turned you on to the better dining places, Thai Kitchen and were she use to work Mi Casita.
Rhonda Scott

Melissa Manley said...

Hi Rhonda! Oh as you now know we LOVE your island! Juniper is GREAT! as is her guest house. Which is your shop?
I assume you're still on San Juan... LUCKY YOU! We stayed in and cooked meager meals and lounged about taking it easy after Artfest so we did not dine out...maybe next time. And maybe next year we'll meet face to face at AF!