Friday, April 10, 2009

Brave Gutsy Artfest Students

Hey there! I know, I know I gotta get onto loading pics. They are so large out of my camera and there are so many! I am photoshopping I promise!
My students who were brave enough to try working with sausage casings over wire were real troupers! They made some AWESOME work! This year I truly had some great goosebump moments. There were lots of people totally new to wirework, who dove right in and did well. It's heartwarming to watch people light up with enthusiasm and excitement over a material. I will share this stolen photo. My student/new friend Sue took it in our Class Insecta workshop. I don't want to spoil all her fun so go check out her blog to see her fab creations in my class! Hey Sue, I LOVE my Bison domino necklace, thanks!
I believe most of the pieces in this photo are Angherod's.


perpetualplum said...

Thanks so much for the link Melissa. I very much enjoyed the gut class. :-D

Two of my housemates were a bit squeamish about the thought of touching hog intestines. They missed a very fun class; a good time was had by all. All the bugs were beautiful.

I thought you were great at interacting with the class, very encouraging and organized. You were my best instructor at ArtFest by far.

ArtFest was my first art retreat since art school. Because your class was such a positive experience, I may take a few other instructor's workshops at Art & Soul in the fall.

Carla Sonheim said...

The work out of these gut classes were wonderful... LOVED them!!