Monday, April 20, 2009

Theme Word

So I have been reading.
Feels like it's been years since I read a real, whole book....
It all started on the plane recently goin' to AF. I realized it is good for me. It stops the constant grinding of the gears in my head that will never let me rest, those mean, self deprecating, worry wheels. They grind on and on, never stopping, like some sort of water torture. Alcohol certainly helps slow them down, but reading's far healthier and they stop all together! Like magic, I am lost in someone else's life! I recently finished The People of the Book. OMG! LOVED it!!! Right up my alley. So when I finished it and the awful voice started up its wheels, well, I had to get right back into another good book!
My SIL (Sister in Law) sent over Eat, Pray, Love.
I know, I know, every one else's probably read it, loved it and is now bored with the whole subject. Indulge me.
I was nervous, the People of the Book would be a hard act to follow. Well, I am happily ensconced in the second section and in bliss. What a perfect book for me. I face a lot of upheaval this summer so I needed this book. In the last few pages of the first section, she talks with a friend about how places might have theme words, special words that sum up a place. The author goes on to speculate about her own word, that might summarize her at that moment in time. I thought about my own... what would it be? Hopefully not WORRY!!! I decided it must be MAKE.
I make lots of things and I really can't stop making! Certainly I make art objects, but I also make messes, words, images, friends, fun, love, food, gardens. I make people feel better, and make people understand and make up stories, and even sometimes have to make amends. I make new metalsmiths! And I sometimes make money, but most of all I hope I make magic.

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Mary Ellen Golden said...

You constantly amaze me!