Thursday, April 16, 2009

Art & Soul '09 Portland!

Want to remind folks that I will be at Art & Soul for the first time this fall. I will teach my love, metalsmithing! I will also do a night class where we'll explore finishing techniques. You bring one of your unfinished pieces of jewelry and I can help you refine, smooth and tweak it. I will show folks how to use nice swiss jewelry files and a flexible shaft machine with attachments. I have a few tricks up my sleeve! I also have a class making the Goddess of the Tines, which some people admired on my vest at Artfest, and another class where we'll make little "porthole" charms out of copper pipe.
Someone recently mentioned that my classes were full at Portland, but I think in fact there is still room. So don't hesitate! click here to check it out!


Carina said...


Can you point me to a good mail order source for hog gut sausage casings.

Melissa Manley said...

Hey Carina,
Wish I could speak with authority on that subject but alas I have only bought from my local butcher. I think when you order it online you'll pay a hefty overnight shipping fee. have you tried anywhere locally? I have a few former students who've said they just asked at the meat counter at their local grocery store and were surprised to find it there.