Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Artfest goodbyes are the hardest.

Robert and I are now chillin' at Juniper Lane Guest house in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, more on that later as we are still Artfestifried!
Since Robert was such a good boy, I am taking him kayaking tomorrow with Discovery Kayaks in the Haro Strait and then we hit the airport Wednesday to head home. Its been a BLAST! We met SO many new, cool folks- all over... AF, in Port Townsend and now in Friday Harbor.
Washington state is just plain magical...

Until next year (The Universe Willing), thank you to all my new friends, my fabulous and brave students and most of Bee and LK who've taken me under their collective wings....
Long live art that is Hairy, Scary and Dead!!!!!


Jamie said...

Glad to hear you and Robert stayed to enjoy more of the PNW! Looking forward to photos and stories of your kayaking adventure. Meeting the two of you was one of my AF09 highlights. Safe travels back to the opposite coast. It's COLD over here!

MB Shaw said...

It was wonderful to meet you and Robert at Artfest. The two of you are a delightfully f-u-n couple!
I lovelovelove my lil heart necklace and it is getting lots of compliments whenever I wear it :-)