Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kayaking in San Juan

There are times you pinch yourself, you know those times? The ones where you think what am I doing here? How did I get here?! When I booked our flights for Artfest I knew things were tight for us. I also knew you only do things when you just DO them! I tacked on extra days for us to go up to the San Juan islands since Robert has wanted to go there for 10+ years. Its only a little farther and I thought heck, we'll sleep in the car if we have to! What a good decision! We went kayaking with Discovery Sea Kayaks. Perfect! Our guide Jesse was just great (we talked his ear off!).

I am a novice to say the least and have never been out in the big wa-wa. So the strait was cool. The return trip the wind kicked up and it was choppy! Fun! I think being in a tandem with Robert was good for me, took the nervous factor out. It was our first time in a boat together and it worked out great.
What a glorious experience.

It was a fabulous sunny day. We are back from the PNW with sunburns! We didn't see Orca but we knew it wasn't the time of year for that. We did however get extensively checked out by more than one harbor seal.

Lime Kiln Lighthouse is all concrete. It took five years to build it I think.
Juniper of Juniper Lane Guest House said her grandmother grew up there and talks about the whales coming and going and no one giving a hoot, except for fishermen who saw them as competition. Imagine growing up there!

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Mary Ellen Golden said...

What a wonderful trip. So glad the sun was shining!