Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Artfest Insects

Thought is was about time I posted some photos from my classes. I taught Class Insecta on Thursday and Botannica Exotica on Saturday. Both great classes full of really cool folks. I must commend my student Brian whose right hand was recovering from surgery!!! He ended up with a really cool bug. What a trouper! There were so many total beginners and that is always heartwarming to me. I so enjoy watching people get hooked on making with new materials. This is Doreen putting color on her bee.

And Sylvia working on her insect.

I've included images of Jim Sorenson's LOVELY cicada. He made one in my class last year and then went home and did another! It is larger than life and freaked some people out with its realism. I found it GORGEOUS!! (Jim's cicada last year inspired this years class). He was kind enough to bring it all the way back to Artfest this year to show and share. Thanks Jim!