Friday, May 13, 2011


So I'm driving Meredith around... traffic jam, gridlock we can't see what the problem is. I'm about out of gas so I make a U turn and we go a different direction, clear the other end of the county... she's slightly late to her end of year party... I have to drive home and then turn right around and come right back to get her. I have things to do! a workshop tomorrow... stressssss! Then at the next stop light I am roasting in the baking 6 o'clock NC sun, soI roll down my window. Suddenly to my left in the other lane there's a man 50's I guess? graying hair, in a beat up older elantra... he's singing. I mean really singing! as in belting out opera!
...nice, mellow, tenor voice drifting out of his rolled down windows.
traffic what traffic?


Deborah said...

Love it! I just got out of bumper to bumper traffic but I didn't have a charming singing man :(

LK said...


Melissa Manley said...

I think I will start calling these things M.M.'s -Magical Moments and this one specifically a M.T.M.- Magical Traffic Moment! One could have M. S. M.'s or Magical Shopping Moment, or any host of situations.