Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mica Mania

I will be teaching a day workshop, or as my friend Kim Beller says "playshop", at A Place To Bead here in Wilmington, NC.

Join us on Saturday, May 14th.

I will show you how to work with sheets of mica, a natural mineral that forms right here in the mountains of NC. We will use the mica to make little window panes over tiny images with copper washers, like little portholes. I will show you how to texture, drill, and rivet. This will be a fun day making charms for beginners and veteran metalsmiths alike. Bring your own little images or use some of mine. Learn to connect your window charms to chain or earwires and have a blast browsing A Place To Bead's extensive collection to add to your jewelry.

If you'd like to see the charm samples in person, go by A Place To Bead on College Rd. next to Dick's Sporting Goods.

For more information and/or to sign up, contact A Place To Bead at 910-799-2928.


Jenny said...

I want to take that class! Rats! Why you so far away?!?!?!

Melissa Manley said...

Alas.... weird event last night my landlord's daughter tapped on my glass door of my studio. She needed me to move our Jeep so she could get her boat and trailer out... At the time it was 8ish, I didn't have my glasses on... It was raining... For a split second she looked like you!! I hardly ever see her, so I didn't know who it was at first and thought, "Jenny!???" only for a fraction of a second, then put the glasses on... but the moral of the story is you're on my mind!