Friday, May 6, 2011

Manteo, NC!

Imagine yourself on the waterfront in Manteo, NC making art with me and my artist/metalsmith pal Kim Beller.... well make it a reality!
Join Kim and I, June 18th for a day long Book Making Journey at "Good For You" in Manteo, NC. "Good For You" is a sanctuary of calm, a yoga & massage studio and emporium of unique gifts on Sir Walter Raleigh Street. Beginning at 9 that morning, Kim and I will guide you through carving a stamp all your own and etching your stamp's design onto a copper bookplate to adorn you book. We will then delve into the delights of art journalling. We'll show you a plethora of techniques for painting, collage-ing, decorating and embellishing your own special art journal unlike any other. You will walk away with knowledge, a stamp to use over and over, memories and a fabulous keepsake book that you will enjoy for years to come. And here's the icing- you get to do all that in Manteo, NC! Walk the waterfront, visit the Elizabethan gardens, explore Sir Walter Raleigh Antiques next door, rent a bike or kayak the next day, walk the quaint streets, enjoy the brewery cafe down the street... What a weekend!
The Saturday workshop is $125.00 and includes materials and supplies, lunch, goodies to take home and an unforgettable journey!

pre-registration required (contact me for more information)
cash or checks accepted

*please bring anything personal you would like to use in your journal….
(old photos or copies, fabric, yarns, ribbons, cord, love notes, post cards, stamps, etc) the sky is the limit!


Carol said...

Woman! No dust gathers around you! I bet your wheels were turning (I'm sure Kim helped!) on your drive home from A & S!!! I'm not going to be able to make THIS one - I'll just be 4 days out of surgery and don't have a traveling nurse to bring along. But I know I'm on the list for the NEXT one!

Had so much fun with you and classmates at A & S! Perfect way to end a wonderful week!

Love you, sister!
Carol <><

Melissa Manley said...

Carol you are SUCH a blessing to have around, LOVE you lady! SOOOOO glad you joined us at A&S. I hope you're surgery goes smoothly and successfully and you're back up and running soon! I hope to do other cool gigs in the outer banks as I love that area so much. This first one was sort of spur of the moment and seemed right, so we'll see! We will DEFINITELY keep in touch! <3 M