Sunday, April 25, 2010

Otter Skull Fetish

Here are pictures taken at the Iron Chef Artists Challenge by Rachel Bowen Thanks Rachel!!!
In these the fetish is still damp. I made it to hang on the wall. The sausage casings and concentrated watercolors dried lighter, and if I remember correctly some of the salt left a white frosty effect. BTW- the otter skull was a resin replica!! No otters were harmed in the Iron Chef Artist Challenge or the making of this art piece. Also the large chunk of coral was supplied by AF in the kit. As many of you know, I'm adamantly against using coral. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FARM RAISED OR FAST GROWING CORAL. these are myths perpetrated by the bead industry to fool you into purchasing guilt free. I almost had an argument with the bead store lady in Port Townsend. She insisted that there are farms in China that raise coral! Which I find preposterous. I was buying red glass there that looked coral and commented as such. But I just was weak at AF and used this piece that was provided.
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*jean* said...

i'm with you, no coral unless it's repurposed from another piece of jewelry...i thought i was the only one...also no dyed stones for work though