Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hat seller

I feel like the hat seller in a children's books. They're stacked on my head like a Dagwood's sandwich. I have not prepped and uploaded any Artfest photos nor have I worked on my tool junkie blog... and I am taking time out for this right now. the last down time I had was the Monday after Artfest when Robert and lazed and wandered about Port Townsend. I hit the ground here literally running. Our plane landed Tuesday after Artfest after an overnight redeye flight at 10:30 am. My dad picked us up at the airport and drove Robert to his part time outfitter job, and me to straight to the community college! I taught for three hours went home and collapsed.
I feel better about things when I forgive myself for all that I do.
Lists are great:
-clean house, unpack, set my studio up again
-teach/prep demos/ grade fix grades that are not loaded up online
-work on commissions from Adorn Me: don't worry ladies I've not forgotten about you!
-start with new VERY COOL private student she's hooked me up with a local teaching workshop venue
-meet/talk/email with new local teaching workshop venue:stay tuned!
-Email with event organizer in DC for a new retreat/ there come up with classes for them!
-Help organize CFCC student art show jurying this week/ view event venue/ plan display for the metals (need to repaint the showcase next week)
-make work to submit to a potential book a friend is doing???
-Take work back to the Gallery and get more made for summer
-Etsy...sigh... haven't done anything there. I have a new shop opening there of belts and belt buckles but its not happening anytime soon.
-Email...forever the email, sorry Kim... I'm still here!
-Book! yes, I want to do a book! this one is the "for Me" thing on the list. I wish the world would quit turning so I can make work and write!
-Robert and I HAVE to go shop for a car next week. I've been borrowing his and its his kayaking rust bucket (near or in salt water all the time.
-notice what's last on the list:
take care of me! exercize, loose weight, get my waning health under control... plant herbs and flowers....

Anyway the moral of the story is life is never easy for anyone. It throws stuff at us and we need to learn to juggle. So I wear this stack of hats and hey, it shades me from sun, keeps me warm... there are lots of benefits! Its a creative life! I get to make things and make things happen and touch lives in classrooms making things with others! But I don't always return emails quickly. And I might not have time to read and sign your online petition, or come to your party or opening, but I will try!


Clarissa said...

Thank you for sharing your "to do list from hell".. I some how thought I was alone in that kind of list. I really appreciate you talking in a public forum about the challenges and benefits of a crazy creative life. I know I wouldn't want mine any other way either. But finding some peace and self care is essential, and it was helpful for me to hear about your many hats. I hope it was helpful to talk about them. Remeber your amazing just the way you are! We all are! hugs and peace friend.

Melissa Manley said...

Yeah somehow its cathartic. I worry and think geez why am I such a spaz? Why have I forgotten that persons name or that appointment? then when I stop and take inventory I can forgive myself! And I KNOW you and other artists and creative people can relate. Maybe in a way I am addicted to spinning lots of plates on long sticks. I have contemplated a square job and while it would have benefits and decent paycheck I'd never have time to make jewelry and would have NO time for writing a book or Artfest or anything like AF. Robert thinks I would die of sadness. I just keep seeing the health insurance and $!

Melissa Manley said...

Clarissa, just want to say you are one of the people that I count myself lucky to have met through AF! And R & I so enjoyed your partner and thank her for sharing the plot of her book! it sounds GREAT! Best of luck to her!