Sunday, March 14, 2010

Small Pleasures

Woke to this in the morning and thought it was just lovely.

Later, over my cereal and coffee, I read another artist's beautiful blog. Ya' know its so frustrating... there is always somebody more talented, and more prolific with a cooler life. Its hard to keep your eyes on your own paper. I'm not jealous, I mean I like my life and I don't have malicious feelings, just envious feelings... "I wish" feelings. But those are non productive. I fight them so often... and I know envy is a cancer. And I have Artfest to get ready for! As hard as it is for me to get any studio time, and productive studio time at that... I can't get derailed in a quagmire of self doubt. *sigh* Just wish I were more free in my work and cranked out cool stuff at the rate she does. I seriously doubt she's on anyone else's blog envying! But for those of us that experience these moments take heart, and dig deep into your own life.

On a lighter note here's some pictures of the belt buckles my student Beth Hammett just finished for her sons! They were a winter ordeal. They had to be redone and worked over a number of times. She told her sons they'd have to change their homeowners policies because these were now worth $10,000.00 each due to the amount of work in them! the end result is wonderful she should be proud. One is faux bone with a city skyline inspired by her son's business logo. The fauxbone encloses a piece of Russian meteorite. the buckle's etched "when you wish upon a star" on the reverse. The other buckle is an enameled basse taille (etched)water scene. It has our mutually favorite quote from Isak Dinesan "The cure for anything is salt water; sweat, tears or the sea."


Riki Schumacher said...

Hey Melissa, I think we all watch fellow artists create and exceed, and envy them! I'm guessing we were just born with that, which in turn motivates us to create new ideas/pieces...the circle continues!! Guess I try to turn those feelings around and make them into positive motivation, I bet you do too! It's that competitive thing, right? You are such an amazingly talented lady, and a joy to be around. Your students must LOVE you! I think your big smile is contagious girl. Have a wonderful Sunday. Hugs, Riki

colleen said...

I know for a fact that your students love you! And I can't believe the work you get out of them. I envy your work and your ability to express your thoughts in writing! I hope you had a good day!

Melissa Manley said...

Aw, thanks... I don't doubt that! Thank you so much!!! I had a great day! and will be back with my Comm college flock tomorrow after 2 weeks away. We'll see what they've been up to!

Charlene said...

You have no need to doubt yourself! You are an amazing artist, teacher & friend. The buckles are great tell her BRAVO & WELL DONE! Know you will have an amazing time at Art Fest. So wish I was going. Post a lot of photos. I posted about us today. HUGS! Charlene

Diana said...

Know that you ROCK girl! Your creations are amazing and your talent, I know, is envied by many. As Riki said we all have those moments of not believing in ourselves, that we should be better, etc. Know and believe in your heart that you are perfect just the way you are. It was such a pleasure meeting you at Adorn Me! I look forward to our next visit.

Melissa Manley said...

You gals are all so sweet. I wasn't really down about it. Accepting actually... Its just a fact of life I guess. The trick is to become at peace with our own way of making art and making a life. I've read enough Wayne Dyer to begin to let go and enjoy things as they are. And be grateful for them as they are! In fact, I'm glad there are such beautiful artists blogs out there! ya'll keep up all that beautiful bloggin'!