Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday , Monday....

Wow, back in the swing for a week at the community college, then off again for Artfest! I have midterms to grade, assignments to grade, handouts to design for Artfest, outlines to do, supply lists to check off, new jewelry that may never get made, business cards to make for a friend, more shopping to do, and re orders for the community college for supplies for next year, our student show's in a few weeks, boxes to ship and disasters to avert! *pant*pant* Then tonight, lots of soothing to do with the teenage female person! Lots of emotional turmoil... I told her today, "well, might as well get used to it. One minute you'll be angry, the next elated, the next depressed and feeling inadequate... that's what being a teenager is all about! It's jam packed with feelings and emotions all swirling around. You have to learn how to deal with them and control them. It's a learning process you can't avoid. You have to grow through all those emotions!" She said, "its kind of like being bipolar only there's no medication for being a teenager!" I said "you got it! pat yourself on the back for figuring that out now!" She cracked a smile. We made found object goodie boxes for vendor night at Artfest, complete with clock gears, resistors, and itty bitty electrical thingies. While I graded, she baked some white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and searched bizarre choral music on youtube. She made extra cookies to take to her girlfriends at school. She really enjoyed making the goodie boxes with me she said,"Mom, I can't wait 'til I can go to Artfest with you."
Soon... maybe when she's 17 she'll be old enough... I love it so much there, Artfest itself, the students, the instructors, the volunteers, the art, vendor night, the trees, the Fort, the beach, the driftwood, the rocks, Port Townsend!
.... and I know she would too.


Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Melissa. Oh gosh, being a teenager seems like yesterday for me. I remember it sooooo well. I think she has a very clear picture, and how healthy to be talking it out! I wish I'd had someone explain that being a teenager meant feeling psycho!

Have a ball at Artfest. Do post lots of pictures for those of us who have never been, or seen the grounds. I would love to teach there, but WA in April? Brrrrr. That's why I'm in CA! Seriously, let me know about staying at the cabin! Big hug, Riki

Melissa Manley said...

Oh I agree! I will have a ball! Unfortunately I can't add days to our trip this year but plan to next year. So you may hear from me! And the cold doesn't bother me. We've lucked out the last few years at Artfest and its been lovely weather. In the last three, I can remember some quite mild sunny afternoons. We'll see. Artfest's so fantastic that I couldn't care less how cold it might be!