Sunday, March 7, 2010

Adorn Me! Houston

Everyone at Adorn Me! had a great time we all sincerely hope that it's a yearly thing now. Stay tuned! I did not take many photos. I was go, go, going the entire time. I hardly had time to breathe! I got to meet someone I've read about and admired for YEARS Ricë Freeman-Zachery. I have long loved her journal clothing and am very inspired to try my hand at one. Spent some good chat time after breakfast Friday with she and EGE, her husband "Ever Gorgeous Earl", who is just that! Earl is a quiet one but what a thrill to get a chuckle out of him! Earl was behind the camera much of the week at Adorn Me as Ricë and he have a new book coming out. Again, stayed tuned!!! ...very exciting stuff. They were truly quality folks and a delight to have finally met.

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Charlene said...

EGE was indeed a TREAT but that Rice was a real sweetie & we did have a great time hanging out with them every day!