Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When I am not....

...its why I love her.

When I am not teaching I am driving somewhere; home, to the studio, to get Meredith. When I am not making handouts, or powerpoints or grading, or uploading grades for students I am catching up on 50+ emails. When I am not doing that I am working on a collage for a collaborative, or coming up with a prototype for teaching proposals to retreats, or I am packing-n-mailing something for a collaborative, a teaching proposal or with luck an Etsy sale. When I am not doing that I have Wolfgang every other Friday, a riveting workshop for 8 in my studio Saturday, and when I am not doing that sometimes a random person wants help in my studio with a project for an hour, two last week, then there was Dad's birthday, art openings of friends, random social engagements-a friend I have not seen in three years came by my studio and spent two hours. Then I took an encaustic workshop from my buddy Colleen in her studio Sunday! When I am not doing things like that there phone calls to return, teenage dramas, planning for Artfest, who will feed the cat? Or I am trying to submit to Lark books, planning all the other trips this year....
...and now when I am not doing all that, I must make brilliant stuff to sell at Artfest! oh, and I have a meeting with the Museum gift shop AGH! I need something to show her! and two other galleries that need new work. Oh and then there's dear Robert who needs an occasional watering and fertilizing or he wilts completely! Oh and there's Robert's website and logo and business cards that need designing, tweeking and ordering. Needless to say the house is a wreck! I never cook anymore and when I am not doing all that I am worrying about not exercising and how I will pay for Meredith's college, and various other family dramas. So each night I am trying to sleep and watching the red digital numbers click by on the ceiling all night. Thank goodness Artfest is in two weeks! PT here I come!

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Carina said...

Wow, it sounds like you are spinning even more plates than I do. One of the things I am reminded, working in medical rehabilitation, is that being busy is truly a blessing.
It implies that we are healthy enough and have the social network to engage us fully.
We just need to remember to take a deep breath now and again and smell the hyacinths as we pass by.