Friday, March 13, 2009

"Its okay to use the Ocean...

Its NOT okay to use it up" the slogan of Carl Safina. If you have 20 minutes you will be enlightened. Did you know much of the sea life we eat require 30+ years to mature and breed. If orange roughy take 30 years to reach breading age and we catch them by the thousands, have all of them had a chance to make babies? Oh wait are their babies in the net? I found his Pop!cast fascinating!
He talks about the grim picture but he also talks about solutions to the problems. We as consumers and citizens of the world need to be informed. Mr. Safina says yes "the Ocean is sick, but not necessarily dying."
Here's his blog Hope and Inspiration for the Ocean
And his foundation Blue Ocean Institute
Here's Blue Ocean Institute's seafood guide so you can choose more sustainable seafood for dinner!

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