Friday, February 8, 2008

"Mukeret Li Mipa'am"- Hebrew song, by Din Din Aviv

I am so excited about this group! Great animation
here's the lyrics that I could find on the internet:
One moment before the sunset
I embrace you and my heart, like a ball of fire,
dives and falls with you
Then comes the darkness
The magic disappears
Leaving only the depth of your eyes
and the sadness of the world
I have known you long ago
Perhaps in another lifetime
A dream that left in me a fragrance
Of a burning memory
So before I touch you
Just before sunrise
Come and say to me,
I am all yours
Perhaps from another lifetime...
There is only one in my imagination
She is good and sweet
And I am pointed at her
From a cloud of silence
Maybe that is where you came from
So if you are real
Please take me with you
And look after me
I have known you long ago...

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