Friday, February 8, 2008

Derech - Mosh Ben Ari

I just love csome of these lyrics if they are in fact as this person posted them:
Road (or- Way)
I wake up in the morning, I'm addicted to the road
I travel, I travel
A lot of green around, it touches laughter
It's a sweet moment
How should I move between the paths that were embroidered on me by the years
I sink into the radio
Silence is sweet again, on the escape rout again
And again it touches
And in the nights, eye full of tears
Lips whisper To you, to you
And in the days, face to face
I'm in the middle of life
And still without you

The road does not end, it's the road to tomorrow
I touch the horizon
If only you were here with me,
to strengthen my weakeness
I would be calm

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