Sunday, February 24, 2008


We went out for a quick kayak trip at the beach yesterday. My daughter, Robert and I went down Banks Channel to a small beach and had lunch and paddled back. It was borderline too windy for Meredith and I, being the novices, but we persevered. As I walked the little marshy spoil island I thought how lucky we are. We don't have much. We chose artsy lives which don't include big salaries, very reliable cars, paid vacations, etc. But we do have this- this water to be near, this sun on our full bellies, the wind blowing the grass, the marks we make in the sand. And we have it any time we want it pretty much.
Those of us that live here on the coast live in a kind of paradise when we slow down enough to remember. Art by Shellie Mitchell from SC. Click the post title to purchase and to view her Etsy store.

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beadbabe49 said...

don't know if you've ever seen Babette's Feast but one of my favorite lines in that movie is when she says, an artist is never may not have much in the American-consumer sense, but you are rich in all the important ways.