Saturday, August 11, 2007

To Etsy or not to Etsy

That is the question. My boyfriend thinks Etsy is a waste of my time. He is probably right. Estyians whine about shipping and handling, so you just can't charge much or people won't buy. And you have to list, list, list, and comment to be seen and to generate sales. And I handmake everything, so I'm not like the etsyians who print their work and can push a button to make their product. Though they still have to do the same listing, etc. Still, printing cuts 2-3 hours of manufacturing time. The argument rages on between us and now I have to refund one of my 10 sales. Oddly, it has caused something interesting this refund, it has sparked friendship. The ring doesn't fit so the person must return since it can't be sized. But they emailed me after visiting my site, and my blog, and we've become friends. The letter touched me so much it made me cry. Here's a snippet:

"It (the ring) will find another soul who can smell the Ocean and who has that kind of relationship with the Sea. It was a great and wonderful experience for me!! Artfulness is of the heart. I am better to have shared this aspect of your beautiful life. Thank you for the opportunity."

This is what I get out of Etsy. A connection with other folks who want to connect through things that are handmade. Maybe that is enough. Maybe I won't ever make much money on Etsy. I quit caring.

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