Saturday, January 7, 2012

More New Things

After being inspired by cool polymer clay beads by Shipwreckdandy on Etsy (see post below to view some of her work) I made some polymer clay beads of my own last night. Check em out! They look like bones.

I'm REALLY excited about making clay beads now... can't stop.
And thought I'd share that I will be teaching at Valley Ridge next October. I made this Steampunk Santos as an inspiration pieces for a class there. She's kind of a work in progress there's a lot still I'd like to do with her.


richelle said...

Oh, really great beads! I think I'll try out some like this--love the texture.

Melissa Manley said...

I rolled them on a rubber stamp I have. So much fun!

richelle said...

great idea--I use rubber stamps to make molds with polymer clay to get a 'positive' stamp on the beads, but I think I've been too focused on that method and I can't even remember using them for a regular negative image. I've got some vein pattern stamps I'll use with the bone-looking beads.

Renee Troy said...

She's fantastic!