Saturday, January 7, 2012


Winter is a time of reflection and creativity for me. I adore winter. Maybe its the mature woman in me that loves the temperature, but I adore cold these days. You can see a great collection of snowflake images here. With a break from the community college I get to rest up and rejuice. I have done a lot of surfing Etsy this season and have fallen in love with these artist's artwork! I just can't get enough of the ingenuity with materials they exhibit. Very refreshing to see people play with materials and come up with such cool pieces.

First up we have Shipwreckdandy
I purchased some of these beads from her and Oh! am I in love with them!

Next we have Nusquam.

And next we have Sparrowsalvage.

And finally for today I will share some of Fancifuldevices work with you. Enjoy!

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richelle said...

Oh, here you are! I just convoed you with, "Where's your blog?" and I found it and then saw you posted my beads and things--thanks! I;m so glad you love them and cannot wait to see what you do!