Saturday, August 28, 2010

No Worse for Wear

Meet Mr. Bali Hai...
my birthday gift from my bro Joe.
Mr. Bali Hai belonged to my grandparents. They got him some wild night visiting my parents in San Diego in the 60's. Those people loved to laugh. I wish I coulda' been there. But that's okay, I have the mug now.
Mr. Bali Hai's roomed with my bro for years now... all through Joe's college party years... He's a little chipped, his paint's peeling off in spots, but man, the parties he's seen! Now he's been bequeathed to me. What an honor.
Some days I feel a little like Mr. Bali Hai, chipped paint an all... but man the fun times! ;-)

So as the summer fades away, and as I put luau kitsch into the attic to wait for next summer... I get a little philosophical and reflect on what makes us need vacation so much. Well I heard a great interview with Terry Gross this week on Fresh Air called Digital Overload, somewhat on this subject. Basically a reporter had done an article on technology and how it affects our brains... the gist? we need vacations... really! Seriously! our brains need time to process all the data we give them. So even if I couldn't take a real vacation (yet again this year), I can take mental ones.
And I do!
I take them any time I can get them.

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Diana said...

Happy birthday girl!!! You have been having an excitingly busy summer and must be getting ready to go back to teaching. I have just sent in my registration for ArtFest 2011 and look forward to seeing you again. Hope you are enjoying your birthday weekend!
Sending you birthday hugs!