Friday, August 13, 2010

Hampton VA 2011

Yay! I will be teaching At Art & Soul in Hampton Va next year! FINALLY! Check out these two classes:

Amulet for Peace:

House of Mojo!


Rosanna Pereyra said...

Hi there!
Your house of Mojo is DIVINE!
I found your site through Stephanie Lee's Homesteaders course. WOW!! Your work is truly amazing, I especially love the vessels!
I'm still trying to lose my fear(or habit) of accidentally touching the hot metal:)

I hope to one day incorporate more metal into my own work but for now its great to watch what amazing things others can do.

Best wishes,

Melissa Manley said...

Well THANK you Rosanna! I'm confused how was I mentioned in a Stephanie Lee course??? I LOVE her book BTW...