Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ring of Bright Water

photo by Michael Franklin

Ring of Bright Water is one of my favorite movies. I'm ashamed to say I have not read the book. But I thought it a fitting title to this post. I've enjoyed reading Jake Stachovak's blog and want to share this paragraph from his About page with you:
"It's Not Really About Me - It's About the Water
It’s about you and all the people along the route, and anybody else that cares to listen. I’m not out to prove anything about myself with this trip. By many people’s standards it doesn’t even fit the description of an expedition. Paddling 5000 miles through everyone’s backyard isn’t “hard core” enough to compare to trips that probe remote arctic islands or cross entire oceans. What I hope sharing this trip does do is show people how paddle sports can open up a world of adventure right near home. I also hope that the route itself (starting and ending in the same small town in Wisconsin, linked by a continuous loop of water around a third of our country) shows how we all are linked by water. Perhaps with an appreciation for watersports and the realization that we all share the same water we may be motivated to take care of it for the future. "
You can read more here.

Robert & Jake as he loads up to head north.

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