Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Josh Sreb

I have to brag on some of my students. It's the end of the year at CFCC and I'm taking photos of the final work. I'll share some more as the week progresses. I just finished tweaking these images of Josh Sreb's work.
Isn't it WONDERFUL!?
I'm hoping Josh's work will be accepted into a new Quarry press book coming out, Steeeeeeeeeampunk!
And hopefully, we'll see more of his work as he progresses. This semester was Josh's first foray into metalworking! CFCC will be loosing Josh, along with a number of my other best students as they go off to other schools and pursuits. BTW- the cuff is for sale as is the second belt buckle pictured. I keep telling Josh and others that they need online stores/etsy shops. Let him know what you think!

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