Thursday, February 8, 2007

A day in the studio yesterday... all day.... ahhhh.
I didn't have any students scheduled so the day was mine. Made two rings. One was a bear! I don't know if I was off or what. It is a square gold bezel on a silver band set with a pyramidal garnet. The bezel being square was difficult to line up just right. And Man! if it got too hot, the solder would cause the thing to slip off completely and get stuck at some odd angle... just one of those days I guess. but it was a gorgeous day. I took the plants outside the studio door and let them get sun. The following is an image of the seats at IAC in the lobby, late afternoon.

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lena said...

Hi melissa I saw ur ad for classes in the current mag. I am interested in metalsmithing jewerly when I look at your website the jewerly you show is very abstract though gorgous its not the kind of jewerly I have in mind to make .... do your classes just give the basics would i be able to make my own