Friday, February 23, 2007

New Studio Mate, Kate Cathey!

I have a new studio mate! Experimental metalsmith, enamellist, and fellow ECU -MFA alumni Kate Cathey. (Hers are the rings in the bottom left corner of the image) Kate has been shown all over the country and is featured in Linda Darty's book "The Art of Enameling". Kate has taught around the country as well and we hope to offer some enamelling classes out of the studio. Feel free to email me if you are interested. I shall light a fire under her! It is quite exciting for me. I have shared with painters up to now and it is a treat to have another metalsmith in the studio. The bits and pieces on her work bench are so visually stimulating. She has also been experimenting with encaustics set in silver. Quite lovely.... I hope to get a mini encaustic workshop from her soon. Interestingly the top right hand image is of a set of brooches by my former roomate, Sharon Massey. I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by such fine artists.

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