Saturday, July 25, 2015

Vermont and Celie Fago

I do not get to be the student very often. It's been a couple of years since I got to be in that seat. In fact I've felt a little stagnant with the teaching for a long time and have scaled way back as some of you know. I really spent 10 years teaching others to make and I really wanted time for me to make for awhile. So last summer I decided darn it! I want to take a class! I applied for a NC arts council grant and got one.  After much deliberation I chose Celie Fago's home classes in Vermont. The grant covered tuition and a plane ticket, I paid for my rental car, my food, lodging, supplies and travel expenses. It was WELL worth it! I just knew I'd love Vermont and of course I did. I adore mountains rocks, streams and liberals... (tee hee) I stayed in a gorgeous AirBnB home that I carefully chose. come to find out one of the owners is an artist! I didn't know that when I booked.

Looking through the gate toward the house

 Looking down at the house from the art studio. My room was the first skylight on the right.

Looking toward the drive at the guest cabin

Iris the cat and I were BFFs

 The owner's adorable little lambie Poe! I missed getting pics of Finn, their sweet Corgi and Nissa the Great Pyreneese ;-(  Also beautiful dogs!

The artist's studio cabin overlooking the house

So needless to say my digs were AWESOME!

Celie Fago's home studio where I took the workshop

Celie's garden

Celie Fago demonstrating

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