Sunday, October 9, 2011


Sorry for the confusion about the comments with the "Destination Creativity" book giveaway. I have to publish the comments. They come first into my email and sit there until I publish them. I was away all day yesterday doing an enameling demonstration at a festival. When I got home and, finally unpacked the furniture and tools out of the car around 7pm-ish, I was just too pooped to even open the computer. I ate, drank some "Shotgun Betty" hefeweizen(nice bottle cap btw), watched an old Steve McQueen movie ("Tom Horn" it was so-so), and my habitual episode of Star Trek Enterprise and fell asleep. So I have published the comments now and draw the name out of a bowl.

The winner is: JB!

JB email me your address so we can send you your book! Or if you prefer email Ricë Freeman-Zachary on her blog as she will be sending it to you.

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