Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Root lifter

I'm slowly being drained.... little invisible needles extract my life force, drip by drip, through unseen tubes attached to me all over my skin. Each has a label some have students names on them, one says "put code numbers on new images for the book", one says chorus boosters fundraiser Saturday. There are so many I can't read them all. They protrude and catch as I walk, snagging on other people, clothing furniture. I wince, but no one knows. They can't see these things making a hedgehog of me. I feel slow... the tubes drag the ground weighing me down like heavy, molding invisible garden hoses. I procrastinate. I feel like crying. I have so so so many extremely important deadlines! I am over whelmed. I knew this would happen. I sit here typing when I know I should be doing a billion other things, things that people have already called me out on. I am running dry. And I have so little time and it will be done... for a while anyway.... long enough to sleep some, bake something, have a leisurely morning. I tell you this to vent and to preface the glorious feeling I had when I saw this!

I saw it on Artpropelled one of my favorite blogs. I just finished some important stuff and decided to treat myself with some procrastinating there. Her blog is always a visual feast and always quenches my thirst. My breath left me! It is by John Pule! I am now obsessed!

This is what I have been trying to do on enamel!!!These are the patterns I have been doodling! I am so drawn to this! Why?! All summer I googled tapas patterns and Polynesian textile patterns, ancient Mediterranean patterns from Cyprus and such.

replicas of ancient Cyprian ceramic pattern

It's like my dreams have taken form. They're such wonderful drawings!!!
I am madly MADLY in love with John Pule's work!!

I am lifted up by the roots....


Riki Schumacher said...

I love the enamels Melissa. Very cool. Hope all is well. Hugs, Riki

Melissa Manley said...

oh Riki thanks but the images are of work by John Pule. I was just amazed I'd never seen his work and it is so like imagery I've been etching an enameling. interesting synchronicity...
Thanks though! I was reading your posts last night too. weird times for the art retreat world.

gina armfield said...

Oh how I feel just the same way! Sometimes it is that everyone has a string and they are pulling it at the same time. Taking a breather to regoup, going for a walk, or just forcing myself to work in a journal often helps - at least for the next 15 mins ;)

Carol said...

I appreciate your sharing the downs and ups. Your work/blog, etc. always lifts me up. . .even when you are sharing a trial - your writing is beautiful.

The blog ArtPropelled was wonderful, too. Thanks for sharing. Now I'm going to check out John Pule.