Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dancing Mermaid

PLEASE go read this blog!
Her post on the January 25th was SO beautiful!

"i am gonna be honest here,
and it might apply to you
and it might not

but this thing you have
whatever artistic identification that may be
stamped on your heart
and weaved into everything you touch

someone is going to try to take it
at some point

they probably won’t mean to
or maybe they will
or maybe it will be a fluke
or maybe they will try to make money
off this thing

that is so rightfully yours

and no matter how hard they try
(if they are trying)
it is not going to be exactly like you
because that is technically impossible

it does not contain your spirit, it contains
their spirit thus giving no comparison

in that same respect
this thing you have

someone, somewhere,
whether you are aware of it or not
has done the same thing

(and again, no comparisons)

i am not saying go be an asshole,
it is obviously not that black and white

but what i am saying is
i truly believe there is enough for everyone,

no one can take the best part of

and that thing-
that thing you are so afraid that someone is going
to snatch up before you get a chance to birth it

it is not the only thing
you have

it is a simply a gem
among a whole sea of treasures

and there is a lot more where all
that goodness came from

i promise you that

creative assignment #25 what thing are you afraid of losing?"

Again, not my work, but the writing of McCabe at Dancing Mermaid